Hostile Vehicles in Crowded Places

Risk mitigation is crucial if you operate or have responsibility for a popular public venue




If you operate a shopping centre, commercial venue, outdoor market, office building,  sporting stadium, hotel, or retail forecourt you must undertake a risk threat assessment and take action to mitigate the potential danger to people visiting your site.


The facts:

  • Terrorists and violent extremists use vehicles as weapons;
  • The use of a vehicle as a weapon requires minimal skill but attacks of this kind have devastating effects;
  • Hostile vehicle attacks are not just limited to religious extremist groups. In Melbourne on December 21, 2017, 18 people were injured and one man died when they were hit by a car allegedly driven by a mentally ill man;
  • The Federal Government has released a Hostile Vehicle Guidelines for Crowded Places document and has made a number of recommendations;
  • The likelihood of another vehicle attack occurring is high.


How a hostile vehicle can be used

Hostile vehicle attacks aren’t limited to ramming attacks on pedestrians. Vehicles can be:

  • Used for carrying explosives;
  • Parked and used to detonate explosives;
  • Utilised as a “trojan” container for others to gain entry to a restricted area;
  • Leveraged against a security guard or employee to open a barrier.


Risk mitigation

  1. Always tailor to fit the site and situations.
  2. Security assessments must take into account current and potential future security needs.
  3. The Hostile Vehicles Guidelines for Crowded Places discusses numerous ways to separate people from hostile vehicles.

The Federal Government guidelines warn that the driver of a hostile vehicle may not necessarily obey traffic road rules.

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