Sir Paul Stephenson on Policy, Guns and Money

Latest on the current approach to Counter-terrorism, Policy, Guns and Money

Sir Paul Stephenson QPM, talks counter-terrorism in this special podcast with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI).

ASPI is an independent, unbiased think tank that produces expert advice for Australia’s strategic and defence leaders.

The Discussion

In this special podcast insights are given to the current state of counter-terrorism based upon experiences in the United Kingdom and Australia. The podcast offers insight into the approach governments are taking to address this ever growing threat.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s roving reporter Brendan Nicholson, speaks with Sir Paul Stephenson QPM on experiences that have shaped attitudes in the United Kingdom.

To understand Australia’s approach to counter-terrorism, Dr Isaac Kfir, head of The Australian Strategic Policy Institute National Security and Counter-Terrorism programs gives insight to Australia’s approach.

Sir Paul Stepenson, QPM

Listen to the conversation, click here.

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