Christchurch shooting – Terrorist attack at two mosques in New-Zealand

UPDATE: 15/03/2019 – 6:00pm (AEST)

Whilst there is a great deal of information yet to be released in relation to this attack, the attackers choice of target re-affirms that religious institutions are attractive targets to would-be terrorists who maintain both intent and capability to perpetrate such acts of violence.
In addition, for such an incident to occur in New Zealand, where the availability of sophisticated weaponry including firearms and IEDs – which were allegedly involved in this attack, is limited, demonstrates that such societies, akin to Australia are not immune from such violence.
In line with this, one of the alleged attackers has been described as an Australian national, which illuminates further that Australia is not isolated from such threats. The capacity of a mosque during Friday prayers is often at its highest which demonstrates that the attackers conducted research and understood that they would have the highest impact at their chosen attack time in order to inflict maximum casualties in a crowded place.
More to follow as further details emerge from this incident.