Cyber security expert in Australia

Australian tour for cyber expert, Donald R. Codling

Cyber guru and now member of Stratium Global’s advisory board, Donald R. Codling recently completed a tour of Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to discuss the growing corporate concern of how to protect sensitive data.

With hacking on the rise, organisations have to get serious on how to protect their intellectual property and personal data of customers and employees.

Recently the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) issued a warning to Australian businesses and individuals about a hack which compromised 773 million unique email addresses and more than 21 million unique passwords and posted them to a hacking forum.

Sydney event

On Monday 18 March, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and PwC hosted a dinner in Sydney featuring Donald R. Codling, alongside a panel of distinguished Australian cyber security experts, across both the private and public sector. Mediated by Nick Kaldas A.P.M., the debate revealed a shortage of skills in Australia to effectively address this growing security challenge.

Donald R. Codling, Tobias Fenkin, Linda Howlett, Richard Bergman and Nick Kaldas

Perth event

Further to this Donald R. Codling, spoke with key business people at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, revealing how to search online without being tracked.

Donald R. Codling and Nick Kaldas, A.P.M.

Donald R. Codling’s visit coincided with the announcement of Stratium Global’s partnership with Secured Communications LLC, which offers a real solution through their uncrackable communications platform.

The platform offers encryption on everything from calls, messages, conferencing and files. We now have an effective platform through the Global Secured Network® to assist Australian business and Government agencies from cyber threats.

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