Protecting your property

Stratium Global is the Member of the month of the Property Council of Australia. On this occasion, we are offering our readers to take a free self-assessment survey to better manage risk and be aware of potential threats.

All owners and operators of popular and crowded places are responsible for protecting their sites and the people that work, use or visit that site from a range of foreseeable threats including a terrorist attack.


Assess site risk

Owners and operators also have a responsibility to understand what the current terrorist threat environment means for the security of their staff and patrons.

The Federal Government has issued guidelines for the owners and operators of crowded places around the country for developing comprehensive security plans prioritising saving lives and minimising harm while aiming to protect physical assets, information, reputation and other elements that could affect business continuity.

It is the responsibility of owners and operators to undertake a risk assessment and vulnerability analysis and then put in place the recommended mitigations. However, the responsibilities don’t stop there. Those mitigations need to be monitored and reviewed for effectiveness.

Part of any plan for protecting crowded places must include leading edge counter-terrorism training and awareness for staff.

It is in the best interests of your staff, patrons and stakeholders to assess your risk and develop a comprehensive security plan.

Property Council of Australia - Member of the month

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