Stratium Global Services

Stratium Global provides security solutions for our clients to mitigate internal, external, and foreign security threats.


Strategic Intelligence

  • Strategic Threat Assessments
  • Strategic Intelligence Briefings
  • In-House Intelligence Capability Reviews

Counter Espionage

  • Commercial & foreign interference support
  • Counter espionage risk assessment
  • Insider threat program

Strategic Security Consulting

  • Governance & assurance
  • Security strategy review
  • Strategic security planning & audits

Crisis Management & Business Continuity

  • Crisis Management Team Training and Exercising
  • Crisis Assessment and Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning and Reviews

VIP Protection & Security Service

  • Strategic security advice
  • Dignitary protection assessments & services
  • Travel security
  • Kidnap and hostage negotiation

Information and Cyber Security

  • Secure Communications (Encryption Services)
  • Risk Assessment and Security Technology Review
  • IoT Security Specialism

Infrastructure Protection

  • Strategic & general security risk assessments
  • Security training & awareness
  • Target hardening & vehicle mitigation advice

Due Diligence and Investigations

  • Integrity due diligence
  • Internal theft & fraud
  • Supply chain risk

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